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“In an ever-changing world where nothing is as it seems and yet is visible to the few ‛The Summation’ is a collection of the differing parts of a synchronous tale.”

“My Grey Cardinal is Vladislav Surkov,‛The underlying aim he said, was not to win the war, but to use the conflict to create a constant state of destabilised perception,

in order to manage and control.’  

I was thinking about how we view oppression and autonomy; identical in nature but different in degree.

That degree of difference can be manipulated to suit whatever agenda or doctrine, it is all the same,

it's just the wagging of tongues.”

“The fear of the unknown and the fear of being different are easily manipulated by those in power, the self-professed intellectually elite. In the 1900’s a large eugenics movement defined those who were fit and unfit’  to be a part of society, promoting forcible sterilisation that would eliminate the unfit within several generations. With inspiration from Otto Dix’s painting War Cripples, Margaret Sanger’s vision of assisting the race towards the elimination of undesirables is pictured as ethnic minorities, mentally ill, the disabled and deformed, they line up two metres apart unaware of their fate. The long arm of the law ushers them forward towards the short arm of the snuffer.”

No longer can I, bathed in your languor, o waves, 

Lie here and not follow in the wake of what’s been, 

A cargo ship filled with conspiracy o fools, 

Arrested, it’s perched in this croaking sea, 

Two routes one a belt the other a road, 

Lay cables unseen in waves of deceipt,

Asunder we lie, a black square ‘tis foretold,

And I will bow down and the Word I will seek.

“What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.”

Klaus Schwab.

“I wanted to make a painting of that moment when our physical and biological selves connect with the internet of things. A future where people have their every movement tracked and every thought read, where intimacy and privacy may not be comfortable bedfellows any more. This is an attempt at that moment of zappage when the switch

is turned on... or turned off, maybe?.

 My Keep Left Stay Left painting is a street boogaloo party in a topsy turvy world where Instagram girls use the currency of social media for attention, status and money. Their first world problems are oblivious to the military machine, jabbing, raping, abducting, trafficking and looking the other way,

for money. The Narrative looks on keeping an eye on this controlled lawlessness. Under the guise of autonomy they walk on signs that show you the way; end poverty, end inequality, sustainability for all and a world of peace and betterment for those who follow.

“The Milking Parlour is a symbiotic relationship between A.I. and Redundant Man. Our aim, to enhance performance and productivity for a sustainable future.”

No lo

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