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I am concerned with how we perceive reality.


 It’s something I have been interested in since I was eleven when two very important things happened to me. The first, I was hit by lightning and had a near death experience. The second, I was shown spaceships.

I like to think of these experiences as ‘outside culture’, if everything we know and think we understand is ‘inside culture’.

I paint what it feels like to be human; a synchronisation of both the left and right side hemispheres of the brain. Within my work, the left explored as deeply autobiographical, interrogating tropes of politics and masculinity, love and illness. The right is concerned with overlapping doorways into different realities.

This fusion is a breakdown of existential belief systems to open the doors of perception, both physically in terms of the process of painting; the magic of the act, and contextually in understanding my relationship to outside culture.

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