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Born 1970, Liverpool. Lives & works in Liverpool

2023 Graduate of the Contemporary Art Academy

Selected Exhibitions


'FINAL SHOW' Contemporary Art Academy, online exhibition
'Shuffle Selects' pop up exhibition, Roscoe Street, Liverpool


'Shuffle Selects' pop up exhibition, The Old Bank, Liverpool

'Three Works' Three Works gallery, Scarborough (solo)

'Refractivepool' Walker Art gallery, Liverpool

'Turn it Upside Down and Start Again' Bridewell gallery, Liverpool


'Showcase' Dean Clough galleries, Halifax


'The Gentle Sound of Thunder' Richard Meaghan/Jonathan Hunter/Nahem Shoa, Dekka Arts, Margate 

'(parenthesis)' PAPER, Manchester (online lockdown exhibition)

'The Undersides of Leaves' PAPER, Manchester (solo)


'My Artists Telescope' Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

(online exhibition curated by Nigel Cooke)

'Crossings: Art & Christianity (Crucifixion Now)', Southwell Minster, Nottingham
'Crossings: Art & Christianity (Resurrection Now)', Southwell Minster, Nottingham

Semiotic Guerrilla Warfare Pt III, Charlie Smith, London
Art Copenhagen, PAPER
'The Sense of Things', Durden and Ray, Los Angeles
Art Copenhagen, PAPER 
'Lords of the Forest' with Jose Luis Serzo, PAPER, Manchester
London Art Fair, PAPER
Semiotic Guerrilla Warfare Pt II, Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax
London Art Fair, PAPER
'The Functionality of Thought' Dean Clough galleries, Halifax
'A Union of Voices' Horatio Jr., London
'Nuance Outcasts' Angus-Hughes gallery, London
'Exchange Rates' Sluice Art Fair, New York with PAPER
'The Functionality of Thought' PAPER, Manchester
Manchester Contemporary, Manchester, PAPER
'TEN' Cornerstone gallery, Hope University, Liverpool
'Snow in Summer' Peek-a-boo gallery, Perth, Australia, curated by PAPER
'Industry' Barnaby Festivel, Macclesfield, with PAPER
Art Projects @ Affordable Art Fair, London, with PAPER
Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm with PAPER
'End of The Line' PAPER, Manchester
'Beautiful~Things' Next Door Projects, Liverpool
Trajector Art Fair, Brussels,with  PAPER
Manchester Contemporary, Manchester, with PAPER
'On The Brink' Liverpool Biennial, Brink, Liverpool
'Live Art' Griffin gallery, London
'A New Age' Cornerhouse, Manchester
'The Last Adventure of the Great Alonso' Gallery Primo Alonso, London
'Begin' FACT, Liverpool
'Getting Off at Edge Hill' Metal, Liverpool, curated by Al & Al​
'Summertime' galerie Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark​
'Liverpool Art Prize' Novas CUC, Liverpool
'The Lure & the Seducer' galerie Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark
​Artists: Richard Meaghan, Gordon Cheung, Julian Lee, David Hancock, Andy Denzler, Rene Holm
curated by Richard Meaghan
'Kappelmeister pulls a doozy' Seven Seven, London
Artists: Richard Meaghan, Andrew Foulds, Rui Matsunaga, Jluian Lee, Zavier Ellis, John Stark, Andy Denzler, David Hancock
curated by Richard Meaghan & Andrew Foulds
'One can often be thwarted by some antidisestablishmentarianism' , Primo Alonso, London​
Artists: Richard Meaghan, Andrew Foulds, Rene Holm, Emma Talbot, Louise Thomas, Paul Rooney, Brendan Lyons, Boo Saville, Jaap de Vries​
Curated by Richard Meaghan & Andrew Foulds​
'No Current Bun' View 2 Gallery, Liverpool (solo)​
'News of the World' galerie Slugen, Denmark​
'Are We Still Here' Richard Meaghan & Rene Holm; galarie bn24, Hamburg, Germany​​
'The Grand Opening' galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
'I’ll be your mirror' Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool & Gallery Primo Alonso, London​
Artists: Marit Andreassen, Jemima & Dolly Brown, Gordon Cheung, Juno Doran, Leo Fitzmaurice, David Hancock, Owen Leong, Andy Magee, Rui Matsunaga, Stuart Semple, Hannah Wooll, Dawn Woolley, Isabel Youn​g, Richard Meaghan. Curated by Richard Meaghan & David Hancock​
'Exposed' Art & Culture from England’s Northwest; Manchester Square, London​
Artists: Chris Ofili, Keith Tyson, Richard Meaghan, Kevin Cummins, Peter Saville, Rachel Goodyear, The Singh Twins, Neville Gabie, Ian Rawlinson, Leo Fitzmaurice.​
Curated by Stephen Snoddy​
'Jerusalem' Dean Clough galleries, Halifax​
Artists: Gordon Cheung, David Hancock, Richard Meaghan, Beth Harland, Roderick Harris, Reece Jones, Peter Lamb, Rui Matsunaga, Tamsin Morse, Simon Woolham.
Curated by Richard Meaghan & David Hancock​





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