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'Richard Meaghan paints what it feels like to be human; visions of his time that are provocative and unflinching. His work is deeply autobiographical, and interrogates, among other things, tropes relating to masculinity, love and illness.

Meaghan draws inspiration from an eclectic array of popular, social and political sources, from Instagram yoga girls and their first world problems dominated by 'likes' to a media manipulated world where propaganda reigns, and gender stereotypes that wrongly perpetuate a narrative that masculinity is problematic.

In a world that promotes highly moralistic and repressed beliefs, we are no longer free to express ourselves without fear of insulting or offending. Meaghan's work confronts this cognitive dissonance with reflections of a deeply personal nature and sardonic observations of a dysfunctional society in a way that mirrors Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) and the post WW1 artists of the Weimar Republic; Beckmann, Grosz and Dix. The concepts and compositions of these artists are particularly important and are specifically incorporated into his own work to mimic their dark realism that exposes the moral degradation occurring in society.'

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