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About Sigma(Σ)Liverpool


Sigma(Σ)Liverpool Sigma(Σ)Liverpool is a small art school and project space run by Richard Meaghan from his studio in Liverpool dedicated to contemporary painting and installation.

As an artist run initiative Sigma(Σ)Liverpool is an ongoing, ambitious project that takes dedicated art loving people and turns them into contemporary artists. The ethos of Sigma(Σ)Liverpool is to reflect on the idea of what it is like as an individual living in the world today.

Sigma(Σ)Liverpool had its first exhibition recently at Bridewell Gallery, Liverpool entitled, 'Turn it Upside-Down and Start Again'. The idea is to continue to exhibit as Sigma(Σ)Liverpool in art fairs and pop up exhibitions, as well as showcasing artists work here with the online gallery.

Purchasing Work

If you are based in the UK, all the prices on the website include UK postage. If you wish to purchase a work for delivery outside the UK or want to contact the gallery for any general information, please contact Richard Meaghan at to discuss.

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