'The idea is to paint something ambitious, something meaningful to the individual'

It's Paint Club Thursday!!!


Paint Club is a small art school run from my studio in Liverpool (UK) every Thursday from 1pm-9pm where students pop by any time they are free between those hours to paint, draw, read, chat, drink tea and eat biscuits and vegan bourbons…


When I attended art school and later teaching at Foundation and Degree level, the methodology commonly employed was to avoid teaching anything tangible for fear that it would inhibit creativity.


Paint Club gives me the opportunity to address this by providing skill based learning, from concept, composition and drawing to what supports to use, priming, grounds, understanding paint and mediums, mixing paint and the methods used in indirect and direct painting techniques.


The idea is to paint something ambitious, something meaningful to the individual. I guide along the way of course but try not to get in the way. Skills are learned on the journey and not beforehand, we meet the wall and find ways of getting around it.


So whether you are a student who finds themselves on a course with a serious lack of painting and drawing going on, an artist who wants to up their game or a beginner who just fancies painting, the aim is to show that anybody can make great art, you just need to know a few tricks of the trade. So come join us and learn the magic of painting.

Paint Club student work...

Claire Blennerhasset 'Wish You Were Here' 2020
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Janette Bonar Law
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Lynn Bass 'David' 2020
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Sue Banks 'April Sun' 2020
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